Call Etiquette


You've just joined a business incident call, and you've never been on one before. You have no idea what's going on, or what you're supposed to be doing. This page will help you through your first time on a business incident call, and will provide a reference for future calls you may be a part of.

First Steps#


You don't need a special set of lingo to participate in a business response call. However, acknowledgement of requests and verification of understanding are paramount for good communication. These are useful terms to have in your arsenal to ensure good communication.

The Commander#

The Business Lead is the leader of the business incident response process and is responsible for bringing the incident to resolution. They will announce themselves at the start of the call, and will generally be doing most of the talking.


There's no business lead on the call! I don't know what to do!#

Ask on the call if a business lead is present. If you have no response, type !bizlead page in Slack. This will page the primary and backup business lead to the call.

I can join the call or Slack, but not both, what should I do?#

You're welcome to join only one of the channels, however you should not actively participate in the incident response if so, as it causes disjointed communication. Liaise with someone who is both in Slack and on the call to provide any input you may have so that they can raise it.