Incident briefing


Once the Business Lead, Customer Liaison, and Technical SLT are present on the business incident call, a technical briefing can begin.

Steps for the Business Lead#

  1. Verify the Customer Liaison is ready to deliver an incident briefing.
  2. Verify the Technical SLT is ready to take notes during the briefing.
  3. Ask the Customer Liaison the following questions. It is okay if the answers are unknown at the start of the business incident. If they are unknown, it is the responsibility of the Customer Liaison to update the Business Lead once answers are determined.
    • When did the technical incident start?
    • What error occurred that triggered the incident?
    • How many customers are currently affected?
    • How many customers could be affected in the worst case scenario?
    • Which business services are affected?
    • As a customer, how would this affect my ability to use the product?
    • When do we expect to have updates on new developments for the technical incident?
    • Any other relevant details?
  4. Ask the Technical SLT if they have all the details they need in order to start drafting communications. If not, the Technical SLT should ask any additional questions necessary for that to happen.
  5. When the Technical SLT confirms that they have the information they need, you can release the Customer Liaison to rejoin the technical incident call in listen-only mode to keep track of any new developments.
  6. Instruct the Technical SLT to post the documented details of the incident briefing into the business incident chat channel.
  7. Instruct the Technical SLT to create a shared document where proposed outbound communications will be staged.