Do not panic

Dont Panic

Once a business incident has been triggered, responders should acknowledge that they have received a page and do the following.

Don't Panic!#

  • Join the incident call and chat.
  • Anyone is free to join the call or chat to observe and follow along with the incident.
  • If you wish to participate however, you should join both. If you can't join the call for some reason, you should have a dedicated proxy for the call. Disjointed discussions in the chat room are ultimately distracting.
  • Follow along with the call/chat, add any comments you feel are appropriate, but keep the discussion relevant to the problem at hand.
  • If you are not an SME, try to filter any discussion through the primary SME for that role. Too many people discussing at once become overwhelming, so we should try to maintain a hierarchical structure to the call if possible.
  • Follow instructions from the business lead.